Our mission is to draw children away from their computer screens.

This job is to be done by offering our impressive, modern and safe playground equipment.

Safety above all

All our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with Polish and European law. The equipment we offer is certified by the Technical Inspection Office and the Institute of Technical Supervision. This is the best guarantee of quality and safety of the MagicNets playground equipment.

Uncompromising Quality

Our priority is to take care of each detail. That is why the MagicNets’ playground equipment is durable, aesthetically pleasing and safe. We use the highest-quality materials to produce our devices, and we employ experienced specialists.

Customer Satisfaction

Cooperating with our customer-investors, we always listen to their comments and try our best to identify and satisfy their needs, leading to customer satisfaction after completion of the investment. This is an extremely important priority for us in running our business activities.

About the devices

MagicNets devices are a novelty and revolution in Polish playgrounds. Magic meshes, which are the main component of our structures, allow for comprehensive child development and play that can be limited only by the children’s imagination. By climbing, children exercise their bodies (cunning, agility) and minds (creative thinking).

For our customers

The offer consists mainly of rope devices, in which the company specializes. The most popular products include pyramids in heights from 2.4 m to as much as 8 m, which have been known in Poland for several years, and rope sets made ​​from a wide range of modules, resembling a rope park. Our proposal also includes single devices, which impress with their interesting architectural form. It is important to note that the investments can be divided into stages, the sets can be combined with the pyramids and you can freely configure our devices so that your playground is unique and unconventional. For those who want to complement their vision of a playground with traditional equipment, we have created individual lines of products: stainless steel sets, swings, rockers and rotating equipment. Our specialists provide expert advice and present the optimal solution. They will help you find the right equipment for your budget and area as well as advise you how to design the whole playground.

Comprehensive implementation

MagicNets provides comprehensive management of green areas. Qualified specialists will draw a project for you and will carry out the installation of a modern playground. Knowledgeable sales representatives will help you in choosing the appropriate fences and shock-absorbing surface and will indicate the playground equipment that best suits your needs. A wide range of products and constant cooperation with other manufacturers of playground equipment allow us to complete the most demanding projects.