The Galaktyka MagicNets model has been designed so that the customer can build play sets according to his or her own vision. When you create a dream set, it is necessary to consult with a representative of MagicNets because of the structure’s load capacity. The adviser will check the compliance of the configuration with the “algorithm to create sets”. For customers who do not need to create their sets individually, we offer 30 ready configurations.

Thanks to the modular construction of sets, the investment can be divided into stages. The Galaktyka MagicNets model allows you to upgrade your playground by adding new modules to the existing one. The big advantage of the proposed product is the ability to exchange its worn nets after a few years of usage. The costs of such a modernization are several times lower than the cost of the entire system. During this procedure, you can not only exchange the ropes with new ones but also change the patterns of modules. Children perceive the resulting playground as a new one.

The poles we offer do not require any restoration for 6 years. This period is covered by the warranty. After this time, the poles should be repainted, which will extend their lives for many next years. The properties of the materials and a well-considered design guarantee high aesthetics, durability and safety of use for many years.