The rope we use is specially designed for the production of playgrounds. Its main features are the following: a friendly surface for children’s hands, no toxic properties of the used materials, resistance to UV rays, steel braid preventing vandals from cutting the rope and resistance of the used materials to atmospheric conditions (especially rust resistance, which is obtained by zinc plating of the steel strings). We use rope with diameters of 16 mm and 18 mm in the production of our devices.

Polamide rope, plaited rope and glued rope
To increase the quality of products offered in 2014, we introduce POLYAMIDE ROPE, PLAITED ROPE AND GLUED ROPE within the devices made ​​of rope with a diameter of 18 mm. Ropes are made of zinc-plated steel strings twisted into 6 weaves, each of which is braided around with a polyamide fibre glued into it. The rope introduced this year is different from the previously used rope because of the following properties:
- The rope sheath is braided and not twisted. The polyamide sheath manufactured in this way has a higher abrasion resistance and thus prolongs the service life of the rope.
- The steel strings are glued together and to the polyamide sheath. This solution makes the rope more concise, and there is no possibility for the sheath to displace against the steel strands.
Summing up, the currently used rope has much better properties, which certainly will benefit the service life of the equipment.



We use aluminium and plastic connectors in our projects. The natural properties of aluminium alloys and plastics of highest quality ensure high durability and strength.


Rope thimbles and screws
To ensure a maximum durability and to maintain a high aesthetic effect, we use only stainless steel rope thimbles and screws. This procedure guarantees a high quality of our products.

 Band Clip + Eyebolt

The element that allows the installation of nets to the pole is a specially designed band clip. It is made of cast steel with a very high strength. The band clip is connected to an eyebolt, which is made of stainless steel.



The main element of the structure is a hot-dip-galvanized steel pole. The material used for its production and a corrosion protection ensure long-term durability. The pole is secured at the top with a plastic cap.


Anticorrosion coatings

The elements of the sets that are not made of aluminium or stainless steel are protected by hot-dip galvanizing (minimum 100–200 microns), galvanizing (minimum 12 microns) and chlorinated rubber paints (primer + 2 layers).


The foundations are made as reinforced concrete feet with the C25/30 (B30) high-strength concrete. The level of the foundation does not exceed 1 m.



We make cushioning surfaces in accordance with the BS EN 1176 standard. Their task is to ensure the safety of children at play. The surfaces are made as:
- synthetic cast with a thickness of 40–100 mm,
- sand with a fraction of 0.2–2 mm and thickness of 200–300 mm,
- gravel with a fraction of 2–8 mm and thickness of 200–300 mm.

Bench seats

- are made ​​of polyester composites
- have a profile with a high flexural strength (loads of up to 200 kg)
- require no maintenance
- are weatherproof
- are finished with a non-slip coating that imitates wood
- are made ​​of flame retardant composites


Design of the Swings
The metal parts of the swings are made of stainless steel. This material has a very high resistance to the destructive influence of weather conditions, and mechanically damaging its corrosion coating is impossible—because it simply does not exist.