Rope playgrounds are still a novelty in the Polish market. These magical nets enable comprehensive development of the child. Through play, children exercise their bodies and minds at the same time. Offerings include the already worldwide-famous rope pyramids with a height of up to 8 meters. Pyramids can be supplied with a standard chute, sliding pole, shaft, bridge or rope tunnel. In addition to the rope pyramids, you will find very interesting and attractive single devices resembling giant spider webs. For more demanding customers, we offer the ability to configure your own unique rope set from the available modules.

Children, young people and their guardians will spend unforgettable moments traversing different transitions, walkways, tunnels and spider webs, as well as rope ladders and climbing ropes, reminiscent of monkey groves. Linaria provide a whole lot of fun, not only for the young. They enable children to overcome barriers and achieve new peaks-all in safety-and they take adults back to their childhood.