Are you an investor? Are you an architect? Are you bored with the standard products offered on the market?  Would you like your playground to be special and unique?  Would you like your playground to be special and unique? It is for clients such as you that we have created a product line: “Individual Projects”.
When designing rope structures, the only limitation is your imagination and budget. Ropes as a construction material are very pleasant and enable achieving an interesting architectural form. They work great on uneven terrain such as slopes and hills. High structures function as a dominant element, which further makes the investments more attractive. We guarantee the safety and quality of the products in our catalogue, for we have many years of experience in the design of rope constructions - know how
In the pages presenting products in this category, you can assess for yourself the outcome of individualized projects made ​​by us.

Indywidualny projekt linowy wieloryb dla placów zabaw - Magicnets